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Join us to learn the difference between an ACH assessment and an audit, what you’re looking for when completing both and how to avoid common mistakes and violations. This webinar will walk you through the ins and outs of completing the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure for construction loans, in plain English. In this webinar, we will discuss a number of techniques you can use to quickly sift through large amounts of data and stave off information overload. This webinar will walk you through the compliance maze related to Ability to Repay, Qualified Mortgage, High Cost & Higher-Priced Mortgage Loans.

This program will ramp up leadership skills and address critical supervisory issues necessary to become an extraordinary supervisor. You will walk away from this course with a deeper knowledge of Treasury Management, learn to conduct risk assessments on new products, and learn strategies to increase core deposits. This webinar will dissect the regulatory requirements and examiner expectations related to overdrafts in plain English.

David will provide understanding into the data fields that are giving banks the most headaches and help navigate a path to a higher level of HMDA understanding. Colorful easy-to-use checklists lead lenders and processors through the various compliance requirements. We’ll concentrate on some of the more vexing current issues in flood compliance by talking through sample scenarios and explaining best practices in keeping your portfolio covered. This webinar will provide tools to baseline and evaluate the effectiveness of your call center. The focus of this course will be the activities associated with Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis when underwriting evaluates a commercial lending request.

We’ll focus on these critical areas as well as the rules, and provide practical advice on how to meet both regulatory and borrower expectations. This program provides several key steps to develop a strategy to combat offers from competing lenders in today’s volatile pricing environment. This webinar shows you how to plan, draft and review appraisals to align with your organizational mission and objectives. During our session, we will explore traditional ways education has been deployed and look to improve those processes with more advanced and effective methods of patching our people. Real-life examples are used to explain the requirements and outline common sources of violations.

In this session, we will discuss methods of robbery prevention, including policies and physical security, as well as robbery response. Let’s look at our CD rules, procedures and ownership issues that may need to be revamped. This program will discuss the duties of your Board of Directors and the policies and procedures they need to implement to establish a Respectful Workplace. Participants will learn applicable definitions, “red flags” of elder financial exploitation – including real world examples, and tips for responding to “in-progress situations”.

Real-life examples are used to explain how applicable regulations apply during the commercial loan application process. This program covers important legal issues and concepts which must be understood and consistently applied to avoid litigation and better serve customers. Everything a commercial loan officer should know about the core commercial loan documentation package. This informative ninety minute webinar will cover the basics of proper credit reporting and how best to respond to consumer credit reporting disputes.

These fundamental rules will keep your officers and your account representatives from creating liability and future losses on the deposit side of your organization. This program brings understanding of employees’ responsibilities toward each other and covers how to effectively address and resolve issues. Learn how improving the financial know-how of your employees and customers can provide a triple benefit to your bottom-line. The webinar will cover the latest revisions, including the November and September, 2018 proposed changes to March, 2019.

We will cover all the 2020 changes to deposit accounts and recap what needs to be done this year. An overview of Commercial and Industrial (C&I) loan products including working capital lines of credit, ABL facilities, equipment financing and their typical structure. how much cbd oil to take for lupus This webinar will begin with a review of “commercial real estate” including types of properties and demand/supply in the “current” market. This webinar will provide an “introduction” to the banking industry and touch on most all aspects of banking.

This program provides information on what records you should keep, for how long, the issues of record creation, storage, and the DON’Ts which create major liabilities. This program reviews the current CRE cycle from the perspective of the can i drive when using cbd oil major property categories for both existing projects and also projects under construction. If you are searching for a webinar where you will achieve that higher “comfort level” on these complicated topics, this seminar is “must-attend”.

You will walk away with a clearer understanding of where Vendor Management and Model Risk Management fit it within your ERM program. During this program we will focus on the new and continuing issues of 2020. As a result, we have access to information regarding how and where customers spend their money. This webinar will give you a good starting point at understanding the new areas of focus and how to navigate the first 49 pages of expectations. Learn about specific classifications of collateral and language description requirements for UCC-1s and security agreements.

Business Plans That Get Results guides you through the process of composing a business plan for audiences either internal or external to your company. Learn advanced tax return concepts and related analyses to help you work more effectively with your bank’s business customers. During the webinar, each regulation will spotlight the front line issues and how to handle them. We’ll discuss the importance of creating a culture of awareness and reporting. You’ll learn how to develop an Emergency Action Plan and why it’s so important.

A solid understanding of all the cybersecurity related guidance is key in ensuring as aspects of cybersecurity compliance are being addressed. This is a look at all the key components of BSA from the frontline point of view including Customer Due Diligence rules and their impact on our policy and procedures. Learn the safe way to handle checks and be sure that you and your financial institution can be protected from loss on the negotiable instruments. Join us for a discussion of 10 issues that should be addressed in an effective FCRA compliance program. This webinar will provide participants with a glimpse of the 21 specific skills and capabilities that relationship managers must have to be top producers.

This webinar focuses on the many aspects of equipment lease financing, from structure and documentation to monitoring and administration. A quarterly update to help you keep up with changes and deadlines in the compliance area in a quick and easy format. Learn a “five-step” analysis plan that will clarify and “unify” this often confusing financial subject.

This program will look at power of attorney “dos and don’ts” and how to prevent your institution from making costly mistakes in handling these high-risk documents. During this webinar we will explore the new Autosave program developed by where in santa cruz cbd allergy relief for dogs the CFPB. During this program we will do a line-by-line review of the forms and the subsequent tax reporting to the IRS. This two-hour program explains how to avoid problems when developing, maintaining and auditing ARM disclosures.

Join us for a two-hour webinar on Escrow Accounts to get a clear understanding of how to set up and maintain compliant escrow accounts. You will learn how to put your program together using all the parts you already have in your bank. Notaries and others will learn best practices for dealing with issues unique to the financial industry. This presentation will describe what Crowe sees banks doing to streamline commercial lending.